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    Thank you for visiting our site... Interactive Training Solutions (ITS) is a Marine eLearning company, specializing in the development of multimedia web based training and applications for the Offshore Oil and Maritime industries. This training programs are available both on and off-line.

    Our client base represents an extensive list of maritime academies, offshore-oil companies, shipping lines, government agencies, and training organizations.

    Over the years, they have been successfully using our training programs to enhance the safety and efficiency of their maritime operations.

    And, last but not least, our clients have provided valuable input for enhancing the performance and content of our training programs.

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    To enhance your learning experience and retention, the training content is delivered via interactive 3D graphics, animations and realistic simulations. Furthermore, to fit your knowledge levels, the programs detect your competency via specific questions. Based on your response, the program will direct you to the appropriate subject(s).


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    Exam-Prep Licensing is an all-in-one solution to prepare you for passing the relevant USCG and other flag state examinations. Additionally, the Exam-Prep Licensing includes tests tailored for Dynamic Positioning Operators and OIM’s of floating production platforms.


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    Video references provide additional training, including seminar presentations by subject matter experts and actual maritime incidents.


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    ITS has specialized in the development of internet-based and virtual reality 3D-simulators, related to the objectives of its training programs. These simulators use special platform for rendering real 3D models of various type vessels and their control panels.


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    Also known as a Learning Management System (LMS), the Qualification Tracker (QT) is a simplified application for monitoring training progress and performance of trainees. The QT resides on our web site.

    The QT is adaptable to the SCORM or AICC standard, whereby your selected training program(s) and LMS resides on your company Intranet.


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    The subject matter experts and programmers of ITS develop unique applications for measuring the performance of all type of vessels. Such measurements, for example, include stability, motions and others.


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