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  • RIG MOVER APP's OVERVIEWsign indicator

    Rig Mover Applications Overview: This group of applications is designed to assist you with the essential operations modes of jack-up rigs. The program is compatible with the latest modern browser, including mobile and tablet devices.

    Once you are in any of the listed application, click the "home" icon to return to this main menu.


    Leg Reaction Calculations: This application calculates the leg reactions for any selected rig. You can do these calculations in either imperial or metric units. Additionally, you can specify the reference of LCG measurements; either from Frame "0" (the bow), or center of the aft legs. Once you have selected your rig, units of measurements and reference, just enter the rig's total weight and centers, and then click the "Calc" button.


  • RPD CALCULATORsign indicator

    RPD Calculator: This application allows a check of the chord heights to ensure that the highest difference between the chord heights (RPD) does not exceed the allowable limits. The program includes a database of RPD limits for most rig models.


  • PREVIOUS FOOTPRINTSsign indicator

    Previous Footprints: With this application, you can compare the legs' layout of your current rig with the one left on the seabed by a previous rig. When starting this application, first select both your current and previous rigs. Once selected, you can drag a clone of your current rig over the previous one, and orient it in the most suitable way.

    To translate a clone of the current rig, click and drag its red/yellow target. To rotate this clone, click and drag on any of its legs.



    Motion/Period Measurements: This application allows you to measure your rig motion and period, particularly for roll and pitch. Such information is relevant for "wet-tows", prior to lowering and engaging the legs with the seafloor. This application is compatible only with mobile devices and tablets.


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Enter the selected rig’s total weight, LCG and TCG, then click the Calc button to calculate the leg reactions.

Total Weight = Kips
Invalid Number!
LCG = ft. From Frame "0"
Invalid Number!
TCG = ft. (+) Stbd, (-) Port
Invalid Number!

The resulting leg reactions are as follows:

Bow Leg = Kips
Starboard Leg = Kips
Port Leg = Kips

Select your preferred measurement units, and the LCG reference:





Rig Model:
RPD max:
Ops Mode:
Rig Name:
Reading #:
Your Name:



RPD Magnitude:




RPD Magnitude:




RPD Magnitude:



(1) To calculate RPD on any of the legs, input valid numbers for the chord heights using the same units of measurements.

(2) Use the drop down fields to select your rig model, mode of operations, and the unit measurements.

(3) After inputting the three chord heights for any of the legs, click the "CALC" button to calculate the RPD and spud can direction.

(4) To keep records of these calculations, click the "PRINT" button.

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Select your preferred measurement units:

Parameters Roll Pitch Combined
Max. Amplitude (Deg.) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Period (Sec.) 0.00 0.00 0.00
# of Cycles 0.00 0.00 0.00

To start your measurements, click the “START” button, wait for several cycles, and then click the “STOP” button. To reset for new measurements, click the “RESET” button.